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Latest News

October 19, 2021

Provincial Government has renewed the Residential Broadband Fund

Good News! The Provincial Government has renewed the Residential Broadband Fund and it is now a permanent program. So, if we were unable to reach you in the past due to trees or other obstructions you may be eligible to apply for funding to enable us to reach you with a reliable signal. Contact us today at for more information. Be sure to include your name, phone number, civic address, and email address.

October 19, 2021

Breadalbane off-grid site is now live

The Breadalbane off-grid site is now live and accepting new subscribers. Contact us at to arrange a free site evaluation and we can confirm whether or not we can reach you with a reliable service. Be sure to include your name, phone number, civic address, and email address.

This site is an exciting new configuration for us that we have been wanting to do for a while now. It is 100% solar with a battery bank. The site has been running great for a couple of weeks since it went live. The solar panels and battery bank are oversized for the site to ensure a very long runtime in case there is a long stretch of poor weather.

September 6, 2021

New site coming for Dixon Road

Check back here or follow us on Social Media to see when the Dixon Road site site goes live.  Hoping to have it online in the next few weeks.

September 1, 2021

Upgraded Packages

Effective immediately all subscribers have been upgraded to the new packages with the same prices!

The base residential package is now 40Mbps/15Mbps for $99.99/month +tax

The business package is now 65Mbps/30Mbps for $139.99/month +tax

August 1, 2021

Expanded Service areas

The new tower at our Toronto Road fiber site is now online and the old gear has been decommissioned.  

The new site at the New London Firehall is online and subscriber installations are underway.  Get in touch with us to arrange for your site survey and installation.  You can reach us either by using the form at the bottom of the page or by sending an email to  Please be sure to include your name, contact information and most importantly your civic address.


December 25, 2020

Upgraded Packages

Effective immediately all subscribers have been upgraded to the new packages with the same prices!

Subscribers that had the 25Mbps/10Mbps package are now 30Mbps/15Mbps.

Subscribers that had the 50Mbps/10Mbps package are now 60Mbps/30Mbps. 

December 20, 2020

South Granville site

Service is now available in some areas in South Granville.  If you would like to be added to our survey list just send us an email to and be sure to include your name, civic address, phone number and email address.

December 1, 2020

North Granville site

Service at the North Granville site is now fully live and has been extended to North Granville Community Center.  Please contact the Community Center for access. 

The tower in North Granville is also able to provide service to some homes located on the Trout River Road.  To see if we are able to reach you just send an email to and be sure to include your name, civic address, phone number and email address.

October 9, 2020

North Granville site

The new site in North Granville is almost ready to go.  The link is active and service is being tested.  A final alignment of the link will happen at a later date when the weather and winds co-operate.

We will begin reaching out to those of you that are already on our list and scheduling surveys and installs over the next couple of weeks.  If you would like to be added to our survey list just send us an email to and be sure to include your name, civic address, phone number and email address.

Soon we hope to look at extending the service to the North Granville Community Center.


September 1, 2020

PEI Broadband Fund

Islanders eligible for the Residential Pilot will receive up to 100 per cent funding with a maximum of $5,000 per household. Eligible connection equipment costs include antennas, tripods, towers, and hydro poles. One project per household will be approved. Applications are now open and residents can apply for funding by visiting Prince Edward Island Broadband Fund.

March 24, 2020

Free Wi-Fi Now Available at Cymbria Lions Club Parking Lot

Do you know anyone with poor or no internet access from their home or have limited data on their phones? Please share this with them. Due to the pandemic, it is more important than ever now for everyone to have access to the internet. Red Sands Internet is now offering free Internet access from the comfort of your own vehicle in the parking lot of the Cymbria Lions Club Community Center. Please note the building itself is not open. To access the internet simply connect your device to “Red Sands Internet Guest WiFi”. This will enable your friends and family to keep up to date on the news, do their work or continue with their studies. As always, please continue to follow the advice of our Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Heather Morrison.

I would like to thank the members of the Cymbria Lions Club for allowing me to offer this free service.


March 17, 2020

COVID-19: Red Sands Internet Has Your Back

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I want to let you know that if you have been laid off, are self isolating or are otherwise having difficulty paying for your internet service then rest assured as that is one less thing you should have to worry about. If you are unable to make your payment by the due date you will still get an automated message letting you know that your account has been suspended, but rest assured I will promptly unsuspend your service. If you are unable to make your payment then simply send me an email to let me know and I will work with you to figure out alternate arrangements.

Thank you,


High Speed Internet for Your Home

Are you tired of your internet connection dropping, having to constantly reboot your modem or not able to stream your favourite television shows?

Are you frustrated with your current internet provider and having numerous issues while trying to work from home?

Would you love to be able to video conference and communicate with friends and family?

Are you a gamer looking for a faster low latency internet connection?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions then Red Sands Internet offers the solution to all of your rural internet connection woes. Unlike “you know who” we strive to offer real high speed internet for your home using the latest high capacity fixed wireless technology. With Red Sands Internet you will enjoy a faster and more reliable Internet experience at very affordable prices.

Don’t be fooled by some of the larger providers and their precious “BUNDLES” and low introductory rates only to see those rates increase a few months later after you are locked into a contract. You have a choice. Contact us and discover why so many others have made the switch to Red Sands Internet.

Don’t take our word for it!  Ask your friends or family that may be subscribers or ask about us on social media for an unbiased recommendation.  We are not happy unless our subscribers are happy.


Faster Internet Speeds

Personalized Service

Near Zero Latency

No Contracts

No Data Caps

Supporting a Local Business


50Mbps download / 15Mbps upload* – $99.99 / month  (most popular)

75Mbps download / 30Mbps upload* – $139.99 / month

* monthly subscription fee includes equipment lease.  All speeds are approximate and are dependent on a number of factors such as line of sight  and may require an upgraded antenna to achieve the faster speeds. 

  • Seasonal subscribers and cottage owners: suspend your service during the winter months and only pay a small monthly fee to maintain your account. Partial months are not available (i.e. if you require 3.5 months of service, you will be billed for 4 months before moving to the discounted away rate).
  • Standard install $125. A standard install should take no longer than 2 hours to complete which includes installing external antenna and running up to 25′ of outdoor Ethernet cable.  *Price may vary depending on amount of time to perform installation or additional materials required to complete the install.

There are many factors that can affect WiFi signal within your home and we cannot guarantee signal everywhere.  We can supply a small WiFi access point that should be sufficient for a smaller home but encourage all subscribers to purchase something more appropriate to ensure they get proper WiFi coverage throughout their home.  If you are unsure what to purchase be sure to ask and we would be happy to recommend something for you.

A Small Island Business Approach

What to expect

  • Polite courteous and honest service.
  • A robust monitored network.
  • Fast response to issues affecting network service.
  • We don’t claim to have 100% uptime (no one can) as some things are out of our control. We do try our best to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

What not to expect

  • We are a small local company so as a result we cannot be available 24hrs/day but do try our best to keep on top of requests and inquiries.
  • We are more than happy to do some basic troubleshooting with you but please be mindful that we are not able to spend hours troubleshooting WiFi or networking issues within your home. Our main concern is that the service is working as expected to your home. A lot of WiFi issues within the home are easily resolved by purchasing a multi band WiFi access point that is appropriately sized for your home. We will be glad to recommend one for you if you ask.

We’re a proud island small business offering modern internet connections where others have not, but due to our size we cannot provide customer support 24/7. We’ve built this business from the ground up so please be patient and kind knowing that we always have our customers best interest in mind as we always have.

Some Networking + Wi-Fi Talk


Consider running networking cable

Are you building or renovating? There is no better time than that to take the opportunity to run Ethernet cable throughout your home, especially to your TVs and/or a home office. A few hundred dollars spent now will save you possible headaches down the road. This is something your electrician could easily do for you, or you can even do it yourself. You can have all the Ethernet cables run back to a single location such as an electrical room, garage or wherever your internet service would come into your home. All of these cables could then easily be plugged into a network switch which would be plugged into your internet service providers router.

The main reason you would do this is because Wi-Fi signals within your home can be affected by many things. Even though the internet service to your home is perfectly fine, it may not be so great within your home if you are using an old Wi-Fi router or access point to distribute the signal throughout your home. More often than not, the Wi-Fi access point you are using just isn’t big enough or have a strong enough signal to cover your whole home. Typically, the larger your home, a more expensive Wi-Fi setup will be required to properly distribute the Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. You could even opt for a wireless mesh system which are designed to blanket your home with wireless coverage.

Smart TVs & gaming consoles with Wi-Fi

If at all possible you should run an Ethernet cable to connect your Smart TV especially if it is not very close to the Wi-Fi access point. Typically, the Wi-Fi card in your Smart TV is not that great. There is usually an Ethernet jack on your Smart TV that would allow you to plug in a network cable. If you are having trouble with your Smart TV accessing the internet you may want to try using a cable as it will likely fix the issue. If you have a gaming console you may want to consider running a cable to it as well.

Upgrade your Wi-Fi router or access point

If you are experiencing any issues with the Wi-Fi signal within your home, maybe it is time to look at upgrading your Wi-Fi router or access point. Check out these articles for a list of the top wireless access points or top Wi-Fi routers

More helpful tips

Your device needs to be within a reasonable range of your Wi-Fi router in order to connect and have the best connection speeds.

  • In general, in most homes, you can be up to 30 feet from your router for a decent connection.
  • From 30′ to 50′ away, the speeds will be slower, and may drop occasionally, but it should be usable.
  • Greater than 50′ away, and the signal will most likely be too weak to overcome interference. The speeds will be slow, and the connection may be sporadic. The above numbers are approximates only. Optimal range may vary based on router make and model.

Check out this article to read about 10 things that can disturb and block your Wi-Fi signal in your home:


Coverage Areas

  • St Anns
  • Hope River
  • New Glasgow
  • Millvale
  • Saint Patricks
  • Wheatley River
  • Rustico
  • Anglo Rustico
  • Cymbria
  • Rusticoville
  • North Rustico
  • South Rustico
  • Mayfield
  • Stanley Bridge
  • North Granville
  • South Granville
  • Oyster Bed
  • Trout River Rd
  • Rattenbury Road
  • New London area
  • Dixon Road / Breadalbane

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“Neighbours and friends. Switching to Red Sands Internet was hands down the best decision ever. It’s very reliable. Never had a connection problem. In fact, we had a half dozen or more teenagers hooked on the wifi one night plus four of us at home streaming Netflix or the android box. We never skipped a beat. With the “other company”, the five of us couldn’t ever dream of streaming something each. The speed is fast fast!

Another fantastic reason to switch: Buy local. Red Sands is a local business. How many people can say they have internet from a local business compared to those hooked up through big corporations? You won’t be disappointed. I promise!”

Stephanie S.

“I am so glad we switched to Red Sands Internet. For years we have been dogged with extremely slow uploads and downloads, buffering movies on Netflix and inability to have more than 1 device on the net functioning effectively at one time. Since we switched to Red Sands internet a week ago, we have had no problems with our wifi devices and can watch Netflix movies undisturbed by sputtering and buffering. We can easily have 2 computers , a cell phone and 2 netflix movies running at the same time without any problems. In the past when I uploaded photos to the internet to make a photo book, it would take a minimum of 30-40 minutes. A few nights ago I uploaded photos to the same photobook company and they loaded in less than 3 minutes! That’s the way our internet should work! We spoke to Bell many times in the past about our issue and they refused to do anything about it. Chris hooked us up very quickly with minimal structural change in our house. There is one tiny hole where the cord enters through the wall in the house and a small antenna tucked away under an eave outside. We are grateful that we finally have a much higher caliber alternative for internet in our area with Red Sands Internet! I am so glad we switched!”

Paula G.

“Best thing about Red Sands, supporting a community, not a huge corporation.”

Robert V.

“After years of poor service and slow speeds from a well known ISP (that was my only choice at the time), we were getting fed up. The switch to Red Sands Internet has made my internet usable again!

Great service, and easy to deal with, we’re glad we can support this local company!”

R. Campbell

“Simple hookup. Very fast connection which allows our family of five to easily go online all at once (which does happen a lot). Not sad to see buffering hourglasses disappear. A way better service than before and once I cut my old one the bill will be the exact same as it was. Glad this opportunity came around!”

J. Doucette

“Switching to Red Sands Internet was by far the best decision I’ve made in internet service. Hookup was a breeze, no hassle, and very professional.  My internet is much faster, more reliable than any other service available in my area and Chris is awesome to deal with as he puts his customers top priority.  In my opinion, Red Sands Internet is the future of high quality, fast reliable internet for Prince Edward Island and beyond!!”

Wendy G


About Us

Red Sands Internet is 100% Island Owned and Operated.

Red Sands Internet is not your average internet service provider. It was created to provide a fast and reliable internet service for rural Prince Edward Island.

I have more than 25 years experience working in IT and have a career that allowed me to tele-work for a few days each week which I began doing in 2014. Like many people in rural PEI I quickly grew frustrated with the unreliable and over-priced SLOW SPEED internet that was our only option. After thinking about it for a few years I finally decided to do something about the problem. Early 2017 I began Red Sands Internet in my spare time. My goal was simple, it was to provide a fast and reliable internet service resulting in satisfied customers.

The network has been built from the ground up and has expanded from a single tower servicing the St Anns area to over twenty-five sites now offering service in St Anns, Mayfield, New Glasgow, Wheatley River, South Rustico, North Rustico, Stanley Bridge, Oyster Bed, North & South Granville, and most points in between. If you live in or around those areas then contact us to see if we can reach you. Please be sure to include your civic address.

Choose Red Sands Internet as your internet service provider and experience true PEI Customer Service. Experience Island internet at the speed of life!

Chris MacFarlane
Owner/Operator Red Sands Internet inc.